Sunday, 2 January 2011

Two meanings came up when i looked at
One:- Chastise = to critisize severely
Ouch, that would not do anything for me.... WHY ?...because i know that i am no good at taking criticism....I dont get angry i revert back into myself. There is meant to be something called constructive criticism , but ,because i have in the past been nearly broken by people, chastising me in this way i am like a snail and hide away from it. There are nicer ways that you can explain to a person that they are doing something wrong , than trying to destroy them.
Two:- chastise= to discipline esp by corporal punnishment
Well as much as i dislike the first meaning i find myself liking the second.............see i like discipline it makes me feel safe and i know that sounds really silly... but if you look at it this way , discipline is not the same as punishment.
I think i see both as a tool that can be used in my type of lifestyle, but to be punished ,would mean that i had deliberately broken a rule or an order  from my One. To be chastised whether  it is by flogging or spanking or by some other means  is to be given direction, and a reminder that is the direction that should be followed.
Punishment isnt something that i would ever want or yearn for from my One as it would mean that i had hurt Him, where as i do like to be kept to routine , and i also like the knowledge that he can and will correct me if i get things wrong.
i do not consider either of them play/scene things ,probably because when being taught something in the past (ie to get ready when i am told and not wait till i think the time is right ,even if the Master at that time, was not about) it was used to such good effect. )  They both are as i said valuable teaching tools.....and  when i have been chastised in the past i think that i learnt that lesson the best .....i certainly have never forgotten it .

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .

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  1. Nice pictures ,especially the bottom one yes pun intended maybe soon the days ar getting warmer slowly and sons going away for a bit hmmm thoughts start to unravel in ones meglomaniac mind that can only mean one thing ...PAIN mwaaaahhh