Wednesday, 26 January 2011

ginger fingers

i was cleaning out my baking cupboard this morning and i came across a jar of ginger spice. The smell of it instantly transported me back to playsessions where Master and i had used fresh ginger and i had a yearn for the fire that it produces. For me , ginger is a powerful aphrodisiac , it gets my senses going where ever i am , from the moment its pungent aroma hits my nostrils .
Something about it just makes me as horny as heck, and when you lay there bound and blindfolded and you suddenly smell the  little root as Master carves it to make a nice butt plug out of the finger or and/or a plug for the front as a slave you know you are in for a hot ride. (literally) To start off with it seems perfectly innocent as it is inserted in , but all to soon it heats up all the exposed tender parts that it touched and for me all i want to do, to put it bluntly is fuck. (please excuse the term there)
It is not just a one minute thing either because of course the more that the body gets all relaxed and heated the more the juice of the root gets mingled in with your own and so it spreads and burns .
Happy memories were mine as i cleaned the rest of the cupboard , i resisted the urge to see if ginger as spice has  the same result as root ginger ............cos if it had have dont i would have been in trouble .... and just wallowed in my memories of the past , hoping that maybe Master will add Ginger roots to our shopping list again.

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .

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