Thursday, 6 January 2011


 I love candles... there is something quite hypnotic about them, with the flames flickering when lit, and the many different varieties you can get these days leaves us all quite spoilt for choice. To me they also represent the elements as well ,and i always feel quite drawn to them like a moth is to a flame. I guess they hold good memories  as well , for as a child there was always a wish granted by blowing out the candle, then we used to have our yule candle as well which was symbolic to winter holdiays and the magic of giving and sharing.
There is a pretty special time that sticks out in my memory, of the first time that my present Master used candles on me. It was the time when Master had a dark chocolate brown candle and poured the wax over my front , so it trickled down my vagina crack and down the creases at the side of my legs. Now i dont know if it was because before then he had been massaging me there or i was having a totally good flying trip with Him ( most playtimes are with Him though) but i know i flew from a scale of being six out of ten on the flying without wings scale...........straight to ten out of ten. It was a mind blowing experience and i was truely putty in His hands. (mind you i normally am in anycase )i dont know if i had this reaction with Him because of the suprise element that was involved ,or if it was just because of the deep level of trust that we built up and continue to do , but it was really something that i will never forget as long as i live.
It wasnt the first time a Master has used candles on me , i have had them placed in my anus or vagina before and been a candle holder , i have had wax sprinkled all over my body, poured over it and even painted and daubed on with fingers. One Master liked to build up layers of it on my nipples, and breasts making a splattery path to my woman it shouldnt have been such a mind blowing event , and yet it was.
Candles make pretty good toys to use when  heating up the skin and being brushed lightly across it in fire play but i must admit i still panic slightly if i know Master is going to try this on me ....but i have a feeling He is a bit sadistic and likes the wind up that goes with use of the candle in this way. Really my brain should tell me that we are quite safe as He has wet clothes there and always makes sure there is nothing that could catch fire about, but i think it is phycological and He enjoys seeing me squirm.
So i end this by saying i am now guilty when ever we pass a candle in the store or a fete , by allowing my mind to go back and revisit memories of that chocolate candle and wondering whether it would have the same reaction on my body as that one did before.

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .

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  1. a ood reply of candor ,nice touches and yes candles do have a mystical content too many people ,the flames the smell the danger that encompasses them yes they are there own entity and maintain a high profile in my play and in my scenarios..