Saturday, 8 January 2011


i think my body has gone into hibernation mode or something. My head feels a little like it has been stuffed with cotton wool and i had a massive asthma attack last night. Nw all i want to do is stop my ribs from aching and curl up to make the pain go away.
i feel sorry for my family about me , as i lose my voice, i find i dont want to speak, and i wonder in my head idley if they would mind if i wrote messages to them on a white board or something. The instinct has kicked in to survive, and luckily Master seems to have realised this and isnt that angry "yet" with me. He realises i now have what they had over christmas , only the asthma has been set of with vengance with it and this morning the peak flow dipped below 150.......not good since it is normally over 400. This isnt because i didnt have my mouldy old flu injection, though goodness knows how i would feel if i hadnt have done.
All i can say is thank goodness for family, for caring and putting up with the blob i feel i have become this past couple of days....sorry folk normality will be restored as soon as i fight this latest batch of germy virus away. and in the mean time thankyou for caring for me ......i do love You.

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .

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