Friday, 7 January 2011

deep vibrations

 The journal's word today is about vibrators.....i dont really know much what to write about them apart from they are a sex toy that gives the user pleasure in the erogenous zones. or they can be used to massage muscles and joints..... When i had my first vibrator it was given a name and was well those days they used to be a standard flesh tone and didnt have such fillings like pearl balls or gelli. i wasnt that keen on using it myself as i wasnt that sure ( apart from the obvious) what had or could be done with them.
Since that time my knowledge i glad to say has grown a little bit (however i am still more use to Master guiding me than exploring with the object than i am with winging it alone.
Progress now gives us toys that are made from all sorts of material ,  they have different textures and sizes.and shapes some are like animals, some that light up, some twist and turn , some even ejaculate, to say nothing of the designs that inflate and fit snuggley inside.......One sort obviously does fit all now. i am the proud user of three of the little that is a c shape, one is like an elongated sperm with a straight tale .....and one that is probably better classified as a dildo.
At one point we did try to do a clone of Masters manhood........however the mood was set , the time was right and the plaster was begining to be mixed.....and then the phone rang . Phone calls and plaster of paris do not mix well together and the plaster set in the mixing bowl, needless to say i didnt get my clone of Master , but i havent given up hope of having a toy shaped of Him and have relearnt the lesson not to answer the phone or door if we are busy.
Having said all of this i think that my favourite toy would have to be Master's hand , well if thats included as  a toy lol , for He has the ability to touch , scratch , pinch , pull, and stimulate all on the end of His arm. i never know what is going to happen when He starts with His hand and over the past few years it has carried me to hieghts that were not obtainable before. Unlike myself when i have been allowed to play with myself with either toys or my own hands He always seems to make sure that i go that extra level of pleasure and where i would stop He keeps me going. The pleasure sometimes becomes pain, but i want what He provides badly even so , and my legs seem to be able to do the splits for Him. to allow Him access to my deepest sexual zone.
In the past i have worn out vibrators wanting and needing the same pleasure that He provides , i have ended up being told to use my old ones as gags, because i was being so noisy and i have been told to practise stimulation for a Master on them, and although they are enioyable i guess i will always prefer my Master's touch.
Butt plugs a re not quite the same catorgory , and i must admit i miss my plug while i doing gardening or cleaning , it used to be a constant reminder of Master while i was busy doing my chores.....but i lnow i have to now wait for this treat until we have found the right size one that Master approves of.

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .

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