Saturday, 22 January 2011

over easy or hard.... climbing on my soapbox !!!!

A remark that i read , made me sit and think all today, about why a person should think that one role in life was easier than another. i must admit i have  pondered whether to blog about it or not , ( because i have a sneaky idea that someOne was needling me to get a reaction and see what i would say.)
Well here goes nothing ...............
When i am writing about this i am not just including play scenes, i am talking about M/s 24/7 . however i do realise that the same could be said of just play scenes as well .
As Master very well knows, i think that both Master and slave are equal, but just in different areas and for every strength that a Master has i think that a slave has an opposite strength that should compliment the Master. Each balancing the other out. i do not think that to be a submisive or slave is weak.. It takes alot to submit to anothers will, especially when it is not within the boundries that the slave would normally so something.
Both endorse each other, and the act of Domination and submission can in my mind, be likened to a dance.
Yes i can see  to care for a submissive/slave , and look after their well being can be hard work.... especially when You have a girl that likes stimulation of her brain as well as her body , and enjoys order and routine,  however this should be equalled out to the very act of giving her will to her Master and allowing Him to shape her in any way that He wants to. (both of them in my mind not an easy thing to do.) By typing this i am not belittling anything that Master actually does for me , just as i know He would not knock what i do for Him, but i am saying that both sides of the relationship should balance. (or how would we get the pleasure that we do from it)
i know it has not been easy for Master the past few years to iron out the many bad habits that i have picked up along the path of life that i have lived, i know that there are many more to be flatterned out as well. Just as i realise this though i also realise the wonder of how much i have grown the past few years, and how rewarding that must be for Him.  This journey that W/we are both  on has not been easy because life never is and nilla issues get tangled in with the life W/we chose to live as well.
That all having been said on my little soap box i will end this blog entry by saying, i dont regret my severvitude nor do i think that i ever will, because it is in a way, one of the most empowering things  that i could ever do , and i will climb down now before i get poked off.

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .

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  1. edited to place in the word strength..for without it ,my values and thoughts would be contradicted....ty Master for pointing this out :(.