Monday, 24 January 2011

Clay does not mold clay.

Clay does not mold clay.... Just five words but the , their meaning so true. How often have i been Master's clay and tried to mold myself or worse still , tried to direct his hands to making me the shape of what i thought i should be. i get great pleasure in submitting to Him but as my past posts show i have this little imp that rides on my shoulder that sometimes trys to get in the way of me being a good girl , and gets me in a whole heap of trouble.
As a slave to my One 24/7, i gave Him the right to fashion me into what He desired me to be , my training, as i was told the other day is not just about learning one thing and then moving on to another thing , It is constantly reviewed by Him and governend by what is going on around us. i crave routines and structure , if i look it is there, all i have to do is listen to Him and do as i am told. So why is this so hard at times.
Maybe the past and fear of getting hurt springs in there everyso often, but as time goes on i have realised He isnt going to knowingly hurt me. i probably do this far more to Him when i have a blip.
As for trying to mold myself into what i think that He wants me to be , i have to let go of that today and allow Him to shape me ..... the above knowledge shows me that i am safe. i know that He has only given me a small taste of what i can hold in my for Him in my submission to Him. and when the time is right i know he will add more. i have to try to see myself how He does.
Master, thankyou for Your patience with me , only now do i realise You are like trapper taming a wild creature. You do not shoot it and spoil what is there, but instead, You have left boundries , all be it subtle ones and with the gentleness that You show i have become willing to follow instead of run even in the deepest pores of my body. i crave for You to fill me with Your knowledge and shape me to the girl that You own, safe in the knowledge that You will smooth out my cracks and weakness's .

 saffy xx

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .


  1. The potter sounds as fortunate as the clay.

  2. yes it is a balance of sorts .......
    thankyou for your comment.