Tuesday, 31 December 2013

i have sat for at least an hour trying to think of things that are achievable to go on my 2014 bucket list. ( Master had me make one of these instead of New Years resolutions so i have a year to try and get self improvement done .....still it does not seem long enough for some of the things i write. ) So the dilemma is , do i go for things that are easy and i know i will get done or do i go for things that are going to be to hard... and i run a high risk of messing up with.  He has already told me the answer to this btw...........besides what would be the fun of doing things and crossing them off if i knew that i could do them already.
 So i guess that its the ones that i think i can not do, and push myself a little bit further than the comfortable rut that i have been wallowing in. I have until midnight tonight to complete...( i have not started them yet, but one thing is for sure i am not leaving it until five to twelve .....) i don't think starting the new year off on a negative score would be advisable.
Out of my ten things i had last year i managed to complete 6 of the things.. not bad but it should have been the whole ones. and the remembering no No's or i''s is still under debate if it has been learnt because it still comes into play.
i know one thing though, i want to make my husband and Master so proud of me this next year He will think He has a new model ( although He says that He is always proud of me) and i want to earn myself loads of strikes with His dragon cane for pleasure (not punishment) {what started as a reprimand is not totally addictive }
Hope everyone has a good celebration time tonight.. see you all next year
the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .

 {i guess the other important thing that should be on the list is getting into the habit of doing my workbook again and my blog instead of just thinking about it}

  1. Follow yellow folder and show Him that it does make a difference
  2. Keep front garden weed free and colourful
  3. Listen the first time something is said and take note...
  4. Learn to keep still and not fidget in *the position*
  5. Grow more veggies.
  6. Make Christmas list out and complete by December 2014
  7. Wear fitbit, track walking, and reach goals set by Master
  8. Keep away from sugar fixes
  9. Meditate for twenty mins once a day
  10. Make our back garden a place to be proud to sit in and not just  a dogs play area.

Monday, 30 December 2013

 Hi, i hope everyone had as good a holiday as i have. Master was really pleased with His gifts this year, and i feel quite proud of myself for being able to get one or two that He did not manage to guess , The bobble head man is sitting on His PC now and wobbles away at times from fallout 3. and He has already started to put pictures and films on His hard disc.
He brought me some beautiful things this year as well... not only did i get a new triangle pillow, ( i call this my hug pillow as it seems to cuddle while you sleep. ) but i also got an amber necklace and earrings ( we looked at these on a recent trip out so goodness knows when He found a moment to get them for me ...) and a football shirt to wear while we watch our favourite team.... i feel very spoilt. ( i also got loads of other little gifts. ...) BUT the best gift of all i think was spending time with Him and the family all afternoon and having a peaceful day.
Happy Monday all

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .

Monday, 23 December 2013

 Well , today was eventful that Master decided to do our food shop for the holiday first thing in the morning. We arrived about a minute after the store opened only to find a packed car park, and the inside heaving with people. It never fails to amaze me how many people suddenly appear from nowhere and tug shopping carts ( yes carts in the plural) overflowing with food just for a couple of days... ( apart from the shops are not even closed for two days now.. only the one. )
i also wonder how much of this food will find itself in the bins , because it was surplus to requirments. i was grateful that Master was there to take charge of the food and all i had to do was push our shopping cart along whilst he got the goodies. Admitedly i forgot the mushrooms but i think that we can survive a few days without needing them and can adapt the recipes... The fresh fruit and veg isles were so packed that i dont think it was wise to try and venture back in. Now all we have to do is wait for the young adults to arrive and relax.
Update on the yellow folder.. so far i have only lost one point do to cheekiness.. :-( but i am determined that there will be no more lost. Have a fun holiday season all

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .

Sunday, 22 December 2013

mellow yellow

 I am on a mission to not lose any more points before Christmas day .. or the end of the  year come to think of it. I would like a new folder. This new folder was to be mine without earning it  until my ears decided not to pick up on a couple of requests from Master. :-( opppppppps. Now i have 38 points and it is a count down as not to let them get lower than 30.. ( huh that's only like eight points.)
So my socks have been pulled up and i have been trying to be super slave again. Who would have thought that i would want a yellow folder quite so much , and you know what i don't even like the colour yellow really.
I guess its just the thought of not having something that i would really want no matter what the colour is.
Hope everyone is coping in the holiday season

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .

Thursday, 12 December 2013

sleep and quiet

 Since the clocks went back , i have had awful trouble being able to sleep all the way through the night. Master and i have tried altering bedtimes.. reading longer , not reading ..meditation, not eating or drinking things after a certain time, avoiding food.. well you get the picture....and the list goes on.
BUT, still , between four and five its like an alarm clock goes off and i am awake.
To be fair , Master has not said anything about it , as in worrying about it, but i am left with the feeling that it would be nice just to be able to curl up and drift back off to sleep next to Him when this happens....... i can't , i tried , but apparently i fidget and toss and turn, and no amount of correction seems to be able to cure this.
So, His answer was to be able to spend this time wisely doing things for me now.. Spring will come soon enough and then it will be light enough to work in the garden. How ever there is to be no crashing about in the kitchen....... ( ummm do i crash) no watching mindless television or video games, ... and so i have come to reading blogs, and decided that maybe it might be a good time for me to be able to do mine.
Daughter visited yesterday, and both her and the middle son were ultra hyper with the preparation to the holidays coming up. She very kindly brought me some pyjamas  as she was able to get quite a good price on these and luckily enough Master seems to like them also as they are practical and do not show off any left over strips or crop bites
i have been doing a little present shopping for Himself the last few mornings also and managed to find Him some beautiful gifts, if not some a little quirky, this year...... His collectible arrived from the states the other day and so many times i have almost told Him what it is by accident. Fortunately i have stopped just in time. i think one of the best times for  me is being able to watch his face as He opens the small tokens i have brought for Him out of my allowance , and seeing that i have got it right.
Hope everyone Else's holiday plans are going OK ...

 the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .

Saturday, 7 December 2013

 For the last couple of nights the weather has been really awful where i live, the storms and wind ,coupled with the time of year and tides, have brought mass flooding , ruining some peoples holiday seasons before they have even begun. i can remember looking out of the window at one point and seeing the rain blow horizontal instead of vertical and the trees in our garden bending and bowing in the force of it.
Part of me was glad that i wasn't out in the terrible storm but another part wanted to go out and gather all the things that being battered and bruised by the tempest and bring them in to give them shelters. ( of course i know that our weather was nothing compared to the hurricanes that some friends in the states have survived but still i felt kind of safe in our house.)
During it all i also said a silent thank you , because where Master and i spent our few days away would have been impassable with the tidal surge and the flooding that followed. i felt sad for the many businesses that would have to do a massive clean up, but impressed by the community spirit that was suddenly shown of family's and people offering help and a safe spot during the rough time. ( It made me thankful that our house is on a hill... and could not be ruined by the horrible aftermath of the storm.
Master and i had been shopping , and had been looking for a new yellow folder for my new years rules......... ( He is getting them in a nice A4 folder so i do not lose them, ( i normally managed to forget where i have put the note book or scrap of paper that i have written them on) At the moment life seems to be on hold a little with the control and direction , but this is OK with me as well because i feel strangely content to try harder than ever to hundreds of little things to please Him and not wind Him up.
i do know that although i don't think that i am being observed He is .... and in away it is comforting , like a warm familiar blanket , wrapped about me ... allowing me to stay safe.
Have a good weekend all

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .

Thursday, 5 December 2013

 Sorry about the break from blogging again ...( i had a good excuse this time... i got married.)
Last Saturday , i think was the best day of my life, It was only a small service, with Master and the children.... we did not want or need a large one with all the fall outs and arguments that come with the party etc afterwards... to say nothing of the massive bills. It made it more special just having our young adults there , each playing their own part and helping us feel and make the day more special.
It kind of feels really special to be wearing Master's ring, i know that i have had a necklace as my collar for a while , and i still would not part with this for the world... yet the ring makes me feel... i don't know if cherished is the right word, because there was never any doubt of Master's love for this girl at all..... but enclosed in a safe space.
It's something that i never thought would really happen and i feel good and right about it all. Master took me away to a sleepy seaside hotel afterwards,,,, and we had a room that looked out over the beach. Every night i got to listen to the waves crashing on the beach as He took me to heights of passion i did not think were possible , and then the same sounds lulled me to sleep afterwards safe in His arms.
Oh i know things probably will not always be this straight forward and plain sailing , but for the moment i feel cherished loved and safe. And honoured to officially be able to used His name and be recognised  as His.
Hope you all are doing good, i guess i have a mass of blogs to catch up on and read

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .