Monday, 30 December 2013

 Hi, i hope everyone had as good a holiday as i have. Master was really pleased with His gifts this year, and i feel quite proud of myself for being able to get one or two that He did not manage to guess , The bobble head man is sitting on His PC now and wobbles away at times from fallout 3. and He has already started to put pictures and films on His hard disc.
He brought me some beautiful things this year as well... not only did i get a new triangle pillow, ( i call this my hug pillow as it seems to cuddle while you sleep. ) but i also got an amber necklace and earrings ( we looked at these on a recent trip out so goodness knows when He found a moment to get them for me ...) and a football shirt to wear while we watch our favourite team.... i feel very spoilt. ( i also got loads of other little gifts. ...) BUT the best gift of all i think was spending time with Him and the family all afternoon and having a peaceful day.
Happy Monday all

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .

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  1. So glad that you had a nice Christmas!

    Wishing you a Happy New Year:)