Sunday, 22 December 2013

mellow yellow

 I am on a mission to not lose any more points before Christmas day .. or the end of the  year come to think of it. I would like a new folder. This new folder was to be mine without earning it  until my ears decided not to pick up on a couple of requests from Master. :-( opppppppps. Now i have 38 points and it is a count down as not to let them get lower than 30.. ( huh that's only like eight points.)
So my socks have been pulled up and i have been trying to be super slave again. Who would have thought that i would want a yellow folder quite so much , and you know what i don't even like the colour yellow really.
I guess its just the thought of not having something that i would really want no matter what the colour is.
Hope everyone is coping in the holiday season

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .

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