Monday, 24 January 2011

five things to take.

How safe do you feel tonight.... As i sat here with my music on and the keyboard infront of me , my mind was drifting to how safe  i felt that present moment in time. Saftey and feeling secure (as you might have gathered) are important feelings in my life, and i constantly surround myself with things that give me a feel good factor. i have a few things that are years old and are worth more than any amount of money that you could offer me , to me personally, but  the average person on the street probably wouldnt even give you a penny for them.
Thinking about it more, i get to thinking about my most treasured things that i have in my life ....( i am not of course including humans or our dog in this list , though they are the most valuable . )and wonder if i was told to take five things from our house that wernt human or animal what i would take.

1) This would have to be my necklace that Master brought me back from when He went on a visit to  one of His family some time ago.  For me it is priceless as He chose it for me and it was a totally unexpected gift. i particually like it as it has a heart shape to it and i imagine that it is like His heart. i wear it all the time and keep safe.
2) The next thing would have to be my bear ...reiki. It is tatty and getting rather thread bare in places but it has been my constant bed companion for more years than i would care to remember and if it could talk it would probably tell a few good tales of its own. It always gives good cuddles no matter when i want them.
3) this would have to be my is like a giant hug and makes me feel secure when i wrap it about me.
4) Master's big green leather chair so He would have a place to sit if He was with me and if not i could curl up in it and feel His energy from it
5) Master's watch.........i always feel so safe when i wear this , i think it is because i assosiate the tick of it to His heart beat, as His hand was near my ear one of the first times i met Him and i had my head on His chest listening to His heart beating.
i guess some people might think that it is a weird list, i do have alot more of what i call my treasures than the above things, but these are my props i guess that i tend to draw strength from when Master is not about. They along with my writing and my music help me  focus on the good strong things that are about me and not dwell on the bad.

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .

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