Friday, 14 January 2011

Cupping sets

For  a long time i have had a facination of the vacuum cupping sets that are used in play and in alternative medicines. The alternative medicine side of it , probably comes, because of  being allowed in the past to learn to administer reiki and attune  people , and the knowledge that cures and help can come from other things other than chemicals . There is a chinese holistic shop that has opened up in  a town near us and i would dearly love to learn more about the accupressure and fire/vacuum cupping that they do there... but for now i think i have other things that i need to learn before i ask if i can follow that route.
However i do think there is something very primative in a way to see cups used in play and the watch the skin having a cup firmly fixed to it. It is something that i am hoping play wise Master will want to try in the future , and if we do get  a set that we can learn abit about the medicinal side of it with a book also. It would be facinating to try this out on different parts of the body and see which one feels best and also to try it on my breasts that  very often decide to lactate on their own..........and see what happens.
There seem to be no obvious harms that can come from using these but i guess only time will tell ..... If we do get  a set i will be sure to blog about the results.

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .

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