Friday, 28 January 2011


 Pleasure and pain i have been told by Master are two very closely knit things and there is not much of a gap in between the two things . The two parts of your brain that tells you whether something hurts of if something is pleasurable are side by side. It is why i think , when we are playing with extreme limits it is important to have a Master/play partner that knows you well and can judge when your body has had enough, and equally as important to have one that knows when He/She can push you just that little bit further to push you even higher when you start to fly . For me it is the difference between feeling satisfied and let down. i personally dont know my limits... i am extremely verbal when Master slaps, or spanks me no matter what He uses ... and i alternate between laughing , and moaning. It does not mean i want Him to stop... i just love the state i get to when the a slap or a whip with a crop(or anything else come to think of it ) produces a jerk of pain and nano seconds behind comes the tidal wave of pleasure, until you really dont know if you are meant to be laughing . crying , screaming , or moaning in pleasure. 
Very few men that i have met in my life ( not that there has been that many that i have played with) have been able to push me into the mind state of accepting, what to some people would be extremes of pleasure  and pain... there has to be the trust there before you can play , and in previous relationships it has just not been there whole heartedly.
Whether it is just because i know Master loves me, or whether it is a stronger coupling i dont know but the last few days because of the realisation of  what i have with Him , i have wanted to fly even deeper for Him and the bond between  Him and i seems so strong. It is like all barriers have been removed. i thought it was strong before but all of a sudden it seems like further blockages have been cleared out and i have entered another dimension in my submission to Him.
i want and need to find the limits that i think that i have and then have them pushed some more....i am liking exploring that side of me and giving my Master that depth to feel around in.
As i sit here i wonder what would be the most extreme thing that you would allow a person to do to you ? For me i cant answer that yet as i so have learnt not to put limits myslef but to trust where Master is leading me.

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .

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