Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Master's choice of word today, and normally i like worms (they do alot of good in the garden and there is something quite fascinating about watching them squirl about when you are gardening and come across a few ........However just lately He has had this idea of having me eat one .
my insides churn at the idea , even though i know that they are nothing but protien and are not poisonous, there is still something not quite nice about the thought of having that squirmy thing in your mouth and being told to swallow,or even worse chew it.
Idley i sort of wonder if this is being tied into His bird theme, and wanting something to feed the bird that He wants to lay Him eggs........and then think that He could do a massive hunting scenario of going hunting for His bird with His paintball gun (set to stun of course ) catch and cage that bird then feed it worms until it lays His egg .............. Of course once again my imagination is getting carried away with me.
Far more likely is the fact is that He would use the worms to crawl over the body for different sensations then  make me eat them.
Master i got  to say though seriously i dont fancy worms , unless they are made of sweets or chocolate and would please prefer that they were kept out of out lifestyle PLEASE.

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .

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