Friday, 11 March 2011

stolen time well something like that

 i have really been down , that i have not been able to come on my little blog page for what seems like a life time , ( yes i know it isnt really that long since my last post but it feels like it) as my son has got into the habit of sneaking up behind me and reading what i am writing. Soooooo no more blogs while he is about. While this is not a hardship of such and i can deal with it , i find it painful in otherways because i rely on these pages to pour my soul onto, and the people that i visit to make me feel as if i am not so alone. ( it is lonely in our house at times even with two other people living in there) BDSM and  a Master slave relationship is not something that i can go and talk to the rest of my family about (they wouldnt understand) and nor would i want to. On that same note somtimes it is nice to have a sister /brother in submission about to say, is this normal to feel this way, etc.
So it sounds like this is a whingey bratt post, and i guess in a way it is , and for that i am sorry. There was a positive note that i managed (with a little help from my family) to get our front flower bed up to date, and the weeds have been bannished for now. Maybe soon we will have new flowers as well.
have fun

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .


  1. I'm pretty surprised to be the first commenter as your blog is interesting and quite well written.

    Not sure how old your son is but mine is 14 and I have told him not to look over someone's shoulder when they are writing, it's not good manners as it can make people feel uncomfortable; whatever you are writing, it kind of drains the energy out of it.

    Hope for your sake your visions of what could happen bent over the car may come true. I have fantasies about that kind of thing too, except that the implement is in my hand not someone else's. It's quite possible I think - but that is really a comment on your NEXT blog post which hadn't happened when you wrote this one.

  2. He is 20 nearly 21 Sir and has asperges with some aspects of autism thrown in. Master and i have told him about this on many occasions , but it is unfortunately part of the condition, that he gets up close in other peoples bubbles as such, and can not get the hang of the boundry thing. Thank you how ever for Your observations.

  3. I guess it's better to be able to get up close to people than to be afraid and stay distant