Monday, 21 March 2011

Batteries not included, but you can have a free elephant on your chest.!!!!!

After the weekend i normally feel rested and ready to go for the following week, but not today for some reason.....i feel like someone/thing ran most of my batteries down , and then set me on full power.i want to do things and i have managed to do my chore list, but none of the extras. Maybe it is because the plum blossom is burst out , and with it brought pollen in abundance to set my poor chest off , maybe it is because my eating habits went out off the window over the weekend, and instead of having our lovely roast dinner i ended up having a paella cooked by my father and other Spanish delicacies for his Spanish evening.... ( i love my roast dinners since i started to eat meat again and the weekend does not seem like the weekend without one)What ever the reason i feel like a half stuffed scarecrow, and i guess that i look a little like one as well. The extra sugar that dad added to the recipes has sent the sugar balance over the  top as well , and i know now i will just have to be sensible and it will right itself but its not nice.
Poor Master has not been well with a bad back, and i have been trying to be so good.......Well that came to an abrupt end this morning as i had a mini meltdown ......i didn't have the energy to explain to Him why i didn't feel very well ... it hurt to talk , and i was tired... and the elephant that sits on my chest when the peak flows are low was bouncing about. ( of course there is not really an elephant there , but it feels like it or a real tight band of steel.) After being  a brat about not wanting visitors round the house at the moment i flounced upstairs only to have a nasty attack ......(second of the day even though the first one was early hours of the morning) My son grabbed an inhaler and my spacer and so the breathing started to calm and i thought i better go and get the maintenance inhalers taken ...... So i headed to the bathroom ,only once in there i found Master in the shower and i immediately didn't know what to do.....leave ( the bathroom is His cave time and i know it is precious to Him) or stay and feel my body relax in the steamy heat........
In the end the decision was taken from me and after sitting on the loo....(the only chair type thing in the bathroom) i was breathing much more comfortable and the elephant left my chest .. i glanced over to see a lovely Dalmatian pattern on my Masters bottom and base of His spine and i could see why His back was hurting Him. :-( .
The outcome of this was that Master sent me to bed for the rest of the morning ...i slept......i could still go back to sleep now, but i realise that then i wont sleep tonight and we have a guest in the house. Mentally i feel not so bad .. but physically and emotionally i feel drained. Fortunately i have been given a reprieve for now, but i better learn to say my safe word next time i feel so ill , and not try to be superwomen then crumble when i cant be.
many thanks for your love and care Master i do appreciate it.

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .

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