Thursday, 3 March 2011

resepct yourself

 While reading another persons blog today, i happened to notice that  in the comments that followed, the owner of the blog had stated that her One thinks that the word submission makes her sound like a doormat. This is that person's choice of course and they are entitled to it....We are all different, and that is why the world is colourful and not black with shades of grey.
This of course got my mind to tick over , and made me wonder if it is the general opinion of the world that a slave or a submissive are walked over and are weak. ( although again the word submissive/slave was not mentioned in the writing just submission.) From my point of view, and this is only my feelings on the matter , an act of submission, all be it from a slave/submissive/wife/partner takes great strength if it is not the norm of this persons life style......even when it is the norm, it takes courage, especially if that person is not feeling good or knows that another way works.
From my view i had one big choice to make when MK came into my life, and that was whether i wanted to do things His way or not. i  took the option to make Him my leader and give Him the role of head of the house. (not an easy thing from a girl who has had to learn to trust 100%) In return for His love and care , i get to reflect that care back to Him and look after His needs.i am expected to  show Him  respect at all times when we are out , allow Him to make decisions on the way things should go, in what i read, watch etc.......(yes that sounds extreme , but in general He allows me to pick my own reading material and if it is unsuitable (ie the magazine that set me off on a depressive mood thought) i only have to listen if i have got the choice wrong.) i am safe in the knowledge that each decision that is made is done for the love and benefit of our family.
When my Nonna was here , that was the way her relationship was , with the men being the head of the family and the women caring for them........... Today's society seems to have lost that love and appreciation that family units used to have for one another. We are taught as girls/women we are equal to men..... yes maybe we are but not in the same aspects , we are equal in the way we balance each other out, and make a complete circle out of two halves. When the females were there at home there for the offspring and there One  there was less bad behaviour on the streets less divorce and everyone knew what was expected of them.
Sadly this is gone now, the power of caring for a child by any authoritative figure has lessened to such a degree that they have the right to have  a court case if we ban them from going out cos it infringes their civil rights, and society on the whole has NO respect for the next person to come along.
In my case is my submission to my One wrong... no....... for me it is right. i am not a doormat , i am Master's girl and proud to be so. He has given me the right to respect myself and the people around me and i flourish
i just realised i been on my soap box again the last half hour............sorry folks
On a more personal note i got my pain fix  the day before yesterday . Master realised that i was low and needed a top up by my sassy behaviour to Him (hence the chalk mark) and went about correcting this  by making me fly with His hands at a time when i thought i was just going into the bedroom to wake Him from  a nap. I love the sensation of His nails ran deep across my back and it soon put me in a space that made me forget all about the sadness of not having a play time at the end of the month and like a cub that is reprimanded by its parent i was in no doubt who was the boss again. Thank you Master for that flight , i needed it and feel one hundred percent better for it.
i am not that happy about the chalk mark as i do realise that March has more days then February , and i wanted to try and at least NOT equal the marks that i got last month . That will not happen if i carry on being silly.
i love You and thank you for caring enough about me to use that implement.

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .

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