Sunday, 27 March 2011


 Sometime ago Master used to play on a PlayStation 3 game.... i hated it, well its not my kind of thing when monsters get blown to pieces and the blood on some of these console games is very realistic. i did however like one aspect of it, and that was the fact that instead of money or gold they used bottle caps as a currency, the star ones were meant to be rare and were therefore worth more than the others........and so i hatched a plan in my head that is still there, and i have my very own bottle cap collection on the kitchen window sill , mostly from the bottles of real ale that i sneak in the grocery trolley because i need so many of them. (plus the fact that i like to see them growing and the different designs on them.)
( for those of you who are not familiar with beer bottle caps they are small discs about 30mm diameter and 5 mm height , they are quite tough and have a very uneven edge, sort of jagged but a smooth jagged....and of course they are round. )
If i am honest i guess that Master knows , or has  rough idea why i am collecting them, but of late He has had thoughts on them as well.......Some of them coming from the film He watched with me where a girl had nails in her clogs (all be it blunt ones )which i would think made them horrid to wear and was made to dance in them. i must admit i had a little snigger at that to myself as although i know that would be painful, her face was a picture, and i was secretly glad that Master can not purchase wooden clogs in the UK, especially with nails in them.
Well that apart , for some reason He has been looking at things that He could use my precious bottle caps for . (technically speaking i guess as i am His girl, they belong to Him to do what He wants with .. but i would like to get to my required number first without cheating. )
A shop that we visited had many of the same design strung together and made into a foot stool. of course the sharper side was downwards not upwards and i am not sure how comfortable or strong it would be. i am reliably informed that some older generation than me used to use them to make button badges as they also liked the designs on them. They can also be used to make necklaces etc with.
Other uses  in BDSM could be to be fastened on a wooden paddle and used to make all kinds of pretty patterns on behinds, maybe on a massage device and be used to roll up and down the body, or just stuck on the nipples for nice decoration. Some of the ideas that Master had were taken from pictures of clothes that He had bottle tops in slippers/shoes. i guess that they could be adapted to put on boards to sit/kneel on, and cause a bit of discomfort.i guess if we are going in the fashion industry we could make a bottle top garter, so the elastic and cap edges bit into the top of the thigh.
What ever use Master decides He wants with His bottle tops , that for the moment remain my collection.............i hope that i am allowed to complete my project with them first.

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .

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