Thursday, 16 December 2010

 As you may have gathered from one of my earlier posts , Master and the rest of our family ( well actually mainly Master) have been busy decorating the bedrooms in our house, and trying to get the work finished by Christmas .....Well work has come to a halt for now do a massive asthma attack from myself :( and time slipping by so quickly if you had have blinked you would have misssed it, and the weather being so miserable and cold again.
. The layout of the rooms is a lot better as we now all have space to sit comfortabley in the largest room and be on our pc's .....Master and i have a lovely bedroom at the back , which is relatively away from the noise of the road ... and  so does son number two. I can see, i will enjoy making it a place of peace and quiet in the back rooms , where hopefully there will not be that much disturbance from people.
It amazed me what things we had stashed away in different corners of the room and i must admit to hoping that the bedroom stays just as that and doesnt get to cluttered. This included two large boxes of stuffed toys nd a whole wardrobe of clothes and an organ belonging to daughter, which she will now have to find room for herself or go without as i am not holding onto things for ever.
I would like to thank Master , for all His hard work and patience over the last few days ... It hasnt been easy for any of us but i feel we have acheived something................and i would alos like to thank Him for having faith in me and beleiving me and allowing me to do a small amount of decorating . It meant alot to have someone say that they trusted me to do .
love You Master with all i am all i was and all i ever will be

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .

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