Wednesday, 22 December 2010


What a long day today has been .... my legs ache, and my purse is literally pounds ( in money) lighter  . but everything  was worth it when i think of the beautiful gifts Master and i were able to purchase today. i feel so lucky that He came with me to help me choose the rest of my shopping, or i would still be there as crowds and i do not mix that well. Still it is over now , and tomorrow we get the rest of the fresh produce before settling with the family for a few days. The boys have given me a beautiful gift of going to the cinema , so we can have  a few hours for ourselfs.... and as Master is resting i have used this time to read the few blogs that i look at and catch up with mine a bit, before the time comes that i have to start wrapping parcels ...
The best present that i got, if it works , is one that i got for Himself , and like a child i almost want to try it out myself.... but i will leave that honor to Him.

The best present i have received from all of them is the fact that, for a whole day we will all be together , Master , me , the boys and my daughter... as well as my father and our mad dog......... lol i hate to think what she is going to make of all the parcels and festivities and i hope she behaves :-)
.What ever goes on this christmas i hope i make Master happy and proud and that all the family know of the love and thoughts that was put into choosing parcels and little nicknacks for them. and i hope you all have a good christmas as well...... and next year i am going to be finished by November so i dont have to stress over parcles and crowd shopping ... infact i am going to mark it on my calander in a moment ,
love and light with a few hugs

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .

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