Saturday, 18 December 2010


Today has been one of learning for me and i now feel happier than i did the last few days . Master had His new chair delivered today . ( and yes it went into the room no problem so all my fears were unfounded ) The best part of that chair is that i have realised it is leather, something that i didnt really twig on earlier even though He told me this.........and it feels good to sit on for girl as well. The other part that is good for me , is that Master has turned His desk about so now instead of facing away from me, He is sitting towards me and can watch what i am up to. This actually makes me feel secure and i dont feel as if i am being ignored anymore.It is nice to look over and see his smile. 
i am sorry i had so many doubts for the bit of furniture ......and i am really glad that You got it Master ..i hope that i have learnt alot by this ........coupled with the fact that i really enjoyed puting our stuff away in our bedroom and making it all cosy..The house feels more like our home now and i feel more secure.
I think i gave myself a punishment over all of this in emotional pain , when i thought that the chair wasnt going to fit or that the bed wouldnt be moved time i know to just trust more. i can see how this will benefit us all and i love You .xx

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .

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