Thursday, 2 December 2010


The word that was chosen for me to write about today is Gag. Now i am assuming that the gag that i am to write about isnt the word for a joke, or indeed a slang word for being sick so that leaves me the option of it being the one to stop up a persons mouth and prevent speech etc........that being said sometimes a gag will allow noise or limited noise, it just depends on what kind it is .
  The gags that i can think of are

  1. a ball gag...................the easiest way to describe this is a ball that is placed in between the teeth  and then fastened in the mouth.  It prevents a person from speaking or breathing through the mouth if it is well fitting . Not all ball gags are solid and some have holes in the to allow breathing and some sound , this also allows dribble out and can be a very uncomfortable experience
  2.  An open mouth gag........These quite simpley hold a mouth open and allows a Master or Mistress to place things in the submissives mouth and prevent the mouth from clamping shut and the slave from biting . They can be like the metal ones that some dentists apparently use ( mine never has one me ) which are called Jennings dental gags.....or just a wide metal circle trimmed in leather . rubber etc. 
  3. Inflatable gags.....these do what it says in the title and inflate to fit the submissives mouth to stop them having any sound coming out. I guess its a bit like having a custom made ball gag just for your slave ( but it is emphasised not to over enflate them.
  4. Bit gags........these are used in pony play etc and are something like a bit that goes in a horses mouth , they can be fastened on by just a strap to a full head harness like a bridal the horse/pony wears.
  5. A material gag..........just a piefce of fabric placed in or around the mouth to prevent speech...not very effective to prevent speech as to get to that level of silence one would run the risk of choking their slave.
  6. Duct tape..........tape that is placed across the mouth to prevent it opening and shutting.
  7. the command of silence....(Does it need explanation) a verbal request from ones Master/Mistress not to speak until told you are allowed to do so again
Out of all of these which one would i say i liked the most.....................In truth none of them, for i am far to verbal and have to much to say most of the time. If you place things in my mouth to try and silence me, i have a bad habit of trying to chew them and have got wrong (though not in recent years) for leaving teeth marks in toys. 
My least favourite would be a command of silence, because  i find it easy to forget that i am not meant to be speaking and therefore my opinion is given before i realise that once again i have spoken out of turn , though this choice might change if Master ever does make me hold a bar of soap in my mouth as a gag  * shudders at the thought and mentally makes a note to remove all soap bars from our house*
The one that i would tolerate the most is a bit gag  as it does not impede my breathing much and  cause  much discomfort ( and i can just hear Master's voice saying "who says this has anything to do with comfort for me.") 
In short i am not against gags, i can see where they might be useful, if One wanted to muffle the screams of a submissive when she was being punished ......Infact there has been times when more than once when i have said the wrong thing, or opened my mouth at the wrong time , i have wished i was wearing one , but  they can not claim to bring me the same sense of security and comfort as say my hand and ankle cuffs or my collar . 

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