Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Santa Claus came early,
And gave my gifts to me,
But he didnt wrap them with paper,
Or leave them under the tree.

The first gift i opened,
Was one of the patience You always show,
Mixed in with love and understanding,
And Your ability to make me grow .

The next gift i examined ,
Was one that was unique and rare,
It was Your heart linked with mine,
For me to cherish with love and care. 

Another present that i found , 
Was one that had more than one side,
It is the control and discipline You give,
Which makes my submission to you, and body fill with pride. 

Searching among the parcels,
Something became quite obvious to me,
The best things wernt wrapped up 
In glittery paper for all to see. 

The most perfect gift that i had,
Was the one that we both share,
It was that of my servetude to You,
Balanced with Your Dominance throughout the year.

Thankyou Master for being my Father Christmas,
And keeping safe.... i may not always be good....
But these gifts show me just how well we can balance,
And with You i know i am always loved , cherished and understoood. 

Written for Master with love and a hug on December 21st 2010 ... light wins the battle of dark today Master 
happy Yule .  saffy

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .

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