Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Christmas cheer
Well , the most expensive time of the year is here and the big day has almost arrived  .....Unfortunately i havent been able to get to my blog so easily as there never seems to be that many minutes about where the young ones are not reading what is being typed on my pc screen . . Dont get me wrong it is nice to see the oldest home but i miss my bit of peace and quiet time that i can sit and let my words unravel frfom my brain.... or write about a word or subject of Master's choice.
Am i ready for christmas......no probably not ... the weather is holding up all the post, and i have not idea if half of my gifts will arrive for people, despite ordering them early. Having said that though i think that i have already had the best gift ever from my One... This is His prescence that He gives me all year long ......24/7 ...a continuation of His care and love for me and my family, something no money can buy and can not be found in a store. We are all blessed and  i think i have to enjoy the time i have this holiday season with my Dad , sons , and my Master because i dont know how much longer i will have them all under one roof at the holiday season.
So what ever you are doing this busy time of year , merry yuletide greetings to you all and a happy new year.....i will be back to normal writing soon, but for now i plan on rest and relaxation with my loved ones ....
peace and light

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .

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  1. A little down me thinks ,wel try to look positive its the festive season so all turkey and nipple chains as they say in saudi arabia lol ,the time is xmas enjoy as you say how many more will we have all together for one reason or another..