Thursday, 23 December 2010


 When i was given this word this lunch time to write about, my first thoughts was of ladders that you get in clothing or stockings and makes the garment  in general not good enough to go out in , unless mended .........however knowing Master's mind a little i guess it is not my first choice of the discription that He was thinking about.  The second one that closely followed was like a class system, for how important a person was like a social ladder, but i am now guessing it was not that either.
This left images of  a long ladder laid on the floor and making it impossible for the legs to be closed once shackled on ( a bit like an extension/spreader bar i guess but just  the one instead of a few of them) to give more variety of how wide legs should be opened..................and also making it pretty impossible toget up if pushed forward.
Another way would be to have a sturdy step ladder that can be used as a kneeling stool, the rungs of all ladders and steps making it easy accessable to body parts that might otherwise be inacessable .Like wise i guess the breasts could be bound in numerous ways to rungs .. or if the ladder is attached to the wall  securely the arms stretched out... i guess Master's ideal situation for the ladder would be half secured tightly on a  wall and half on the floor for maximum spreadage.
i will conclude the thoughts of this ordinary household object to say, once again it is shown to me in my mind how vanilla things can be easily converted to play toys with not much questions asked if people see them laying about... especially if one has been decorating. i dont think i will worry about it though .... we dont own a ladder lol.
hugs and light

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .

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