Tuesday, 14 December 2010


Ever since i can remember i have had a thing about the smell and feel of leather .... there is something really quite delicious to me about the aroma, and the touch of it varies, but all types are sensual to me . I guess i have what is  quite a fetish.
 One of the things that i really like about it is the fact that it is so versatile and can be used for so many things ... ie clothes,( and even these can vary as in going out clothes , clothes for club where or just clothes that offer protection) there are acessories made from leather ... ie belts , bags , collars, cuffs, mitts etc....  there is furniture such as couches and chairs beanbags and throws and lets not forget the shoes that are leather ..... then there are toys..........i love the kiss of leather on my skin , the different grades leaving a different type of bite and all of them having a slightly different feel. My favourite would have to be a blue leather/suede flogger...medium weight that i have had for years . It has a nasty habit at times,of giving a bite when it is least expected and  can almost soothe me when i feel stressed... but i guess alot of that is due to Masters expert handling of it ;and being able to read my body language. i seem to remember it was made of calf skin but it was certainly a good buy.
The only thing that ever rivalled it as being my number one toy was a belt that was got from a city near us... The man had hundreds lined up on a stall , there were ,purses bags , wallets and hair clips there as well some made of soft suede some cow hide each had a intracate pattern carved by the leather worker on them , you were meant to have the belts cut to the length that u needed but we had ours left long ... Sadly  on of my offspring  "borrowed " that said belt  for the reason that it was made for and i have not seen it for a long time.
When we go to another market that is near us, there is a stall there that stocks leather coats for bikers and for going out in, my nose goes into seventh heavan, and i  have a flood of memory come rushing back to me about the good times i have had , and yet strangley enough i do not own any fetish clothes that are leather .........the only bra that i nearly got did not go up to my cup size  :(   .....  In the past i have been allowed to own a skirt and two leather jackets.....i hated the skirt because it was what i called a belt and i felt vunerable in it......but it pleased the man i was with at the time so i had to try to wear it ( thankfully with Master my saftey comes first and i am  allowed to feel comefortable when i go out).... the jackets i think i spent more time sniffing than wearing them. lol
Given a choice whether i would use synthetic material or leather i would always choose leather. so much so that it was given to me as a name at one point .There is nothing wrong with other textiles......i just prefer it .

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .

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