Sunday, 27 February 2011

hello i am me

Whilst out for my walk a little while ago i happened to glance up in the sky and spot that there was a plane flying over head, so high up that if i hadn't have looked up i never would have seen it, but an amazing sight all the same as it was a gold colour (due to the sun reflection on it) burning like a flame brightly in the sky. For  a split second my mind marvelled on the fact that something that is so large and cumbersome on the ground could be so beautiful at that angle and so far away.
Of course the flight path has always been there, in the sky, and at certain times of the year, we see the aeroplanes more than others, indeed at certain times even. .....and my head started to liken the planes to a D/s relationship.
Submission with a new Master, the slave likened to a plane .....a vessel to carry and fetch, to please , to achieve, to soar to the highest limits and then land safe again ....... And then the Master knowing that the body is capable of flying high , of  unlimitless journeys, if the maintenance and work is done on the body, and the right skilled pilot is put in charge.
For one brief moment my mind could wonder at the thought of the plane looking like a flame and liken it to the flame of desire that burns in all slaves , wanting to please , and serving with a wanton fire, extinguishing all  thoughts , the need  to please, to earn that little word of praise , and to shine for Him like the brightest star.
The conclusion that it gave me was that in this slave/girl at least , she is like the plane, whether it is visible to all or not she shines with that golden glow, and wants to hear those words. She trusts her Master to guide her to new heights , not just in play, but in all aspects of her life, and she knows with Him she will always have a safe and secure landing , if there isn't He will put all emergency plans in action.
Imagines Your face Master, gives You a big wink and whispers,........................"hi this aeroplane saffy, welcome on board, please fasten Your safty belt in case of any turbulence along the way, sit back , when takeoff has happened relax back and enjoy the ride, and thank you for choosing to pilot D/s airlines.

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .


  1. You write beautifully and descriptively. Nice post!

  2. thankyou :-) , i can only write what i feel in my heart though (((hugs)))