Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Do not judge me or the small part of my life that you see,
As you pass me , and make a  snap decision,
Instead stop and delve deeper me fly free,
In my bondage , my slavery , in my submission.

Not to everyone can this girl be bound ,
For her servitude belongs to her Master, and that is all,
But for Him , no stronger devotion can be found,
And His cares for her and stops her from taking a fall.

She hopes she reflects that same care back to Him,
As she works through her instructions of the day,
And she knows her devotion to Him is not a whim,
He is carried in her heart and mind her in work rest and play.

She loves the times He marks her as His girl,
With whips , rope or maybe the edge of  a knife,
And the reminders that it brings sends her mind in a whirl,
She can think of no better way to spend her life.

So you see to her Master she will always belong,
And her submissive heart will continue to beat true,
For He is her life and in her slavery she becomes strong,
faithfully stuck by His side, like she was bound by glue.

Written for Master Kenzie February 23rd 2011 with love and respect from saffy

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .

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