Friday, 4 February 2011

knowing the ropes

 Ever since i can remember being involved with BDSM and M/s relationships i can recall having a facination of  Kinbaku-bi (which literally means the art of tight binding). One of the first Master's that i used to know had learnt this at the hand of another , and used to show me on of all things a barbie doll how a long length of rope could be utilised to make a body harness or a restrain a person .He would often knot the rope symetrically down the dolls body making diamond shapes over it and sometimes braiding the rope in the dolls hair to show how every part of the body would be immobilised. He used to have a book as well that had many pictures in it and i loved the ones that were of beautiful japanese women suspended in a tree or bound at odd angles .
He patiently explained to me how the knots would often be strategically placed to give the submissive pleasure in her pain of submission bu making sure that they were on spots that would stimulate her in movement ...
Once he offered to show me by using me as a subject but sadly this offer was declined by the man who was at that time my Master or i could have blogged about it first hand. i do know that i still have this little fire in the pit of my stomach waiting to be stoked up by experiencing it first hand one day , but sadly i have now lost touch with the Master that it was offered from so perhaps i will never experience it.
such is life

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .

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