Monday, 21 February 2011


 Ever since i can remember the aroma of a cigar has conjured up childhood memories of christmas time, when my father used to have his annual smoke of them. Generally one of those large ones but sometimes the little castello ones were smoked if it was during the day. The smell brought with it a feeling of happiness and relaxation, of times when i felt safe because i was normally with my father, and  i was a daddys girl....
But, over the last few years, cigars have come to mean something different to me....let me try to explain why.........
The first time Master and i met , i went though a list of things that i would do, i might do or things that were a big no no to me . Master listened to my likes and dislikes .........made a note i am sure of the ones that i would not consider and brought forth from His lips a few suggestions of His own. One of these was what would i do if he was to burn me on the fud (vagina) with a cigar.
As i was not collared to Him at the time, He got a very blunt and sure answer, that i thought that would insane and i was sure that i wouldnt try that was a no? (the last question from Master) Well, umm maybe its a maybe , (my brain was already racing ahead but wondering if i let this  Master in my life, how far He would push me ) my masochistic side suddenly wanting to feel the pain of that heat from a cigar on my bare flesh, but not sure still if it was a bad or a good thing . Hadn't i been willing to let someone do a brand on my skin before though............what would be so very different from the heat of a cigar to a person branding me . ( but ummmmm  you never got branded , and any how the person who was going to do this was a professional body artist, said my sane side.)
The subject of the cigars was dropped , as Master and i built up O/our relationship over time and i thought that He had forgotten it, i listened to Him telling me, after W/we had  a session , on how to some people would have considered what we just did abuse and a no no, and those words , made me think of the time that i had put this limit on the cigar thing.
Then Master did fisting on me ........something that was on a very low maybe, bordering on  a no......and that brought an even bigger message to me. i had said maybe , nearer no to this one because of a bad exerperience that happened to me in my preMaster days , and yet Master made me cum over and over with it......this was not a bad thing fisting , it was great. My conclusion, (egged on by my want of pain ) was if this was so yum, then maybe i was wrong over the the cigar issue, and maybe i aught to try them just to see if they were good or not.
The outcome of the story, i have learnt not to put limits on what i will and wont accept with my Master.... He knows what i like and i have to get past the mental barriers that are put there by the saftey police and i now trust that He would never do anything that would harm me permanantly. ( i can say this with confidence as i know He would never use a taboo action on me that are a NO in capitals as they are also His as well).
The report on the cigar burning is , It was wonderful, it gave that extra shove over the edge when He burnt me and pushed me higher than i would normally fly. He didnt just walk up to me and burn me with the tip of the cigar, oh no, it was a gradual process, bringing a  play session of wax  to a heady claimax.   The feeling that the heat gives as it touches the skin is a shock yes, but the waves of endorphins that drown you afterwards soon outweigh the initial bite.
i am lucky,  that i have a Master who took time to get to know His slave , and has the patience to let me reach out to Him and not try to force issues with what He wanted before i was ready to take the next step.
If you take one thing from this post . please let it be this , that you should never say no without a good reason, and to have not tried something before, is not a good reason, You never know you might try it and like it............look at the pleasure i got from it.

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .

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  1. Just goes too show that people really shoud not judge a book by its cover neither should they say no when like some woman do mean erm yes ,one does sometimes have what i call magical moments with thoughts ,that is to say ideas before there taken on board en masse ,so there ya go as slaves master ,nillas of the world take note never say never..