Friday, 4 February 2011

blue movies

i think i was given these words to blog about because of an embarressing situation that occured when my father was installing an outside light for Master and i, on one of the sheds. Everything was going well until He had to get up on the ladder near the top of an old dresser . Unbeknown to me someone had placed an old video on there which was not child freindly should we say. Father got hold of it and without even looking said that it was a blue movie to my son who was helping . i guess scarlet could be used to desribe my face colour when it was brought indoors and announced what it was.
The funy thing is i can not ever remember watching the said movie......infact i would say that i have watched very few of them because they dont hold much appeal to me....though i have been known to watch a few BDSM ones of different scenes with Himself.
Looking at it i think that it must be hard to share that type of thing with another, and be filmed while a crew and goodness knows how many other people watch. To me the act of making love is something that is special to my One and i , and i guess i am an old fashoined fossil who thinks that it would be tarnished by sharing the details or playing at sex with other people.
However i am not blind enough to not realise that it is probably a kink or something that makes others want to perform infront of others and i guess that they could get a kick form it. But a little part of mind wonders if the love and care that they share with their husband/wife/partner gets cheapened by the acts that they do.
Its not something that i would want to find out and through experiencing it so i guess i will never know.

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .

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