Friday, 25 February 2011

spring and chalk

This morning . while out with the dog, i happened to see all of the spring flowers had started to poke their heads thought the soil and some of them even had buds or flowers on them. i am not talking about the snowdrops in our garden for they have been swaying proudly in the cold winds for a few weeks now, no , i am saying about the crocus and daffodils, and on closer inspection even a few violets , and the shoots for bluebells and such like which have appeared.
i love spring time with the bright splashes of colour everywhere, i love the mystery and surprise as i see the gardens, in the roads that surround us, turn into works of art with bursts of yellows , pinks and blues and all the shades in between, a reminder that life is starting to renew itself after its long sleep.
As i walked on , my head turned onto another brain pattern , that of Master's chalk board with the strikes on it that i have earned. This is a relatively new thing in O/our house and sits by Masters desk on a shelf mocking me of my misdemeanors that i have had the past month. So far i have not managed to get one strike a day , but it does have a few more than i would care to mention on it. i have yet to see what will happen when we reach the end of the month , but i know they are not a good thing.
In some ways though, they are a good thing those chalk marks, like a symbol they show me that Master is taking note of my bad points as well as my good and this in turn shows me of His care. i take comfort in the fact that they are there and i will not just slip back into the dark days of being a brat that couldn't face the outside world , and wallowed lost in my depression.
Like the flowers that bloom in the spring i have a reason to push pass the the darkness and  burst into the beautiful slave that i am on the inside. Showing the bright colours i hide from within. Knowing that as my gardener , Master will cherish and nurture me through the cold and hard times to make me into a strong and vibrant girl. With the love that He soaks my body in i can continue to grow and get stronger in my submission to Him, safe in the knowledge He will feed me with knowledge and trust,  and has given me a list of instruction that support me in my growth, knowing that He can add to this to stretch me further.Those marks that sit on the blackboard are like a pair of secateurs , ready to prune the bad and wobbly bits from me, to make me a stronger person in the long run. Not permanent , but there anyhow , and they will be used.
i loved seeing the flowers this morning, and i know everyday will bring another colour or surprise to it as i continue on my daily walks. i also love the lifestyle that i chose to live, and am proud of the way i have grown and continue to so , under Masters love, and support. So many people think that being in a BDSM relationship is all about kink and beating a person with a cane, flogger or what ever is at hand , that they miss this part of our lifestyle and the beauty that appears in the right care.
Thank you Master for Your care and the chalkboard, on reflection it was a good idea and a really positive in my life. i love You with all i am, all i was and all i ever shall be.

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .

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  1. Strange words for what happerned a few days back and i hope never to happern again ,chalk day hopefully has been and gone ,another strange occurence the picture you have on this blogg if you noticed or have done by chance , looks like a chalk picture ..