Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Hot stuff

Food and cookery  can be an amazing thing i think. From the start of  going out, and picking the ingredients , to mixing them all together, and then the final product , will it come out right or be a total disaster. As a young child i always used to love Saturdays, when i got to spend the afternoon with my Nonna , and she would cook the cakes , pies etc for the week to follow. If i was lucky i used to get the end piece of pastry to shape as an animal or a dough man........and decorate with currants or sugar sprinkles. There were always  "testers" to try and a bowl or two to lick out . There was something quite safe about being perched on the stool in her kitchen.
So , when Master gave me the words hot food to blog about my mind was transported back to times that i spent waiting for those cupcakes and sausage rolls to cool. ...Of hot fish and chips , caught from the beach , and then fried in her kitchen, or sometimes the treat of making sweets such as toffee or fudge.  There are of course the foods that you get, that have a natural heat in them such as curry, chili con carne, ginger etc.........but she never used to use many of them , being of the generation where you had meat and two veg, and three square meals a day, none of this take away malarkey.
It then went wandering onto things such as chilli's and peppers, and the the burns that you can receive from them. One of the Master's that i have known in the past used to like adding a dash of chili sauce to ice cubes in sensory play...and leaving it to melt in the vagina or backside........the contrast was mind blowing especially when mixed with a blindfold and a ginger butt plug. In one of my earlier posts i blogged about figging ,ginger , and as i said there it is a very unique but warming ( to put it mildly ) experience.
i know that peppers and chili whether fresh or in sauce, or a  paste form can actually produce bad burns so it is best to test them in a small area first.........i also know after having a hot curry in the past it can leave a burning sensation when going to the toilet .
There is also the chance that He might have wanted me to be blogging about the use of  His property as a table or plate to serve hot food on , though i think that if this was to  be happening i would have a hard job to keep still and might get wrong  allot  from moving . 
Part of me actually wondered if He was saying to me that His dinner had not been that warm in some places when our son had made it for U/us and the enjoyment of eating luke warm pasta and pesto sauce was not that great. ( i guess i have to step up the supervising or do it myself again , because it spoilt an otherwise nice dish).
 What ever it is i know i am lucky to be allowed a wide and varied diet of all different kinds of food, and not be ordered to eat just one bland thing the whole time.

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .


  1. I'm glad I am not assigned blog topics, that would be hard! You did a good job with this one.

  2. thank you, i actually like the challenge sometimes....( it depends on my mind frame and what else is happening around me)