Friday, 22 April 2011

to my One with love and light

 Dear Master
Thank you for today.....You gave me and O/our family a gift today that is so often overlooked in the society that W/we live in , and that is time. Time. It is one of the most precious gifts that can give to another, it allows  memories to be made , (both positive and negative) , and fortunately i have positives memories in O/our years together as W/we travel this journey together, (though in the past before i met You i have not been so lucky) .
You made my father happy with the help You gave Him freely in His garden and You guided O/our son with Your actions , when i didn't have the words to explain what he was doing was not the right choice. 
Every day i learn something new about myself and the way life is , You are like my teacher and i am the pupil....guiding me and allowing me to explore, strengthening my beliefs , and helping me overcome my fears. Like a teacher You realise that sometimes i can work things out myself , and like a pupil sometimes i am shown there is a quicker and more efficient way to do things. 
Life was smiling on me the day i met You, and You have helped my life to be topped up with energy ever since, i never want to stop learning and exploring on this journey that You take me on. 
i know Your actions today are not what You would ever consider unusual as they are part of the way You are , however i also wanted to let You know that i had noticed and that i love You .
hugs and light 

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .

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  1. So good to read this saffy. You are one to spread light and love, yourself. It's in your nature.