Saturday, 2 April 2011

hmmmm i think i am going to get wrong :(

  Today didn't start to  bad , i managed to follow my routine  and have all my chores done by the time i normally would have been starting them. (and then realise i have nothing left to pace myself with for the rest of the day.) See if Master was about i could have recognised the pattern that was starting to form and maybe not have had the ending that today has got, i feel dead bad about it and can only say that i didn't do it on purpose.
To save myself from boredom and to not spend to much time on the computer , i decided in my infinite wisdom to take our husky  outside and do some gardening.....It started off fine , the dog thought it was a grand game trimming back butterfly bushes and racing round the garden like the clown she is with the branches in her mouth....and then came the wild rose tree . It did so need pruning and the dead wood removing i set to work on  it ........only there were no gardening gloves so the thorns tore my hands to bits , but in my own world i didn't see the damage that was occurring , nor notice the pain from the blisters on my hands , and so i have ended up with broken nails a very sore hand and well more than a few scratches. ( not done on purpose i have to add. ) We ( the dog and i)  also manages to trim a vine, although after the small hiccup of falling from the raised bed, where i had perched myself to trim the top parts of the vine, i decided that i had possible done enough to prevent boredom creeping in.
So one hot bath run, and i slithered in , not sure how i was going to manage to get out, and relaxed.....start to wash my womanhood and had a mini orgasm. i can only apologise to Master, as it wasn't done on purpose and this has never happened before when i have had a bath. I didn't play with myself at all, just washed there. The only explanation that i can think of is that the pain on my hands had sent my slave head that adores pain so much into such a fuzzed state that the washing of my bits was the catalyst to make me cum.
i guess i should point out here that i am not meant to play or cum without Himself being about , and i know i didn't play so i can only apologise for the part of cumming , and hope He will see i didn't do it on purpose.
Sorry this is such a weird blog today but i wanted to try and analyse why this happened.

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .


  1. Well saffy, after Master gives me permission to shower He always says: Don't rub "it" too hard. And i always smile...


  2. lol, thats just it Cassie, i didnt rub hard.... thankyou for comment anyhow :-)