Tuesday, 5 April 2011

 After a nearly a day of waiting (thanks to the trains not being able to coincide with the links the way they were meant to) Master is finally home. ( As you might have noticed if you saw my new strikes for the chalk board :-( )
Even that has not spoilt my pleasure in seeing Him again , and in a strange way i think that because i knew my illicit bath time was wrong no matter how it occurred , i have been worrying about the out come. i didn't think that i would have got five points for it though, and that's as much as i got the entire of March, so i will have to be ultra good if i don't want to go over them this month. Still that is life, and in a odd way i feel comforted by it , that i even got strikes for it , it shows me He has His finger on the pulse still.
On a bad note , His return didn't banish my sleepless early hours of the morning , and i am left feeling cheated by it........i guess it is more a case of getting completely back in my routine again, ie having the meals on time, eating the right food, sleeping at the right time and exercising and resting at the right times as well.
Part of me feels really excited about today, in the fact that i am having my hair cut , and it will be so much more manageable for me ,but another part is worried in case it does not look good.(though i am sure that it will) .Another part wants to just run away and hide from the world. ... but i guess that isn't a good idea.
There are so many things to blog about racing through my mind .but for now i am going to rest and see if i can capture some of this elusive sleep that keeps bouncing just out of reach. ....back later

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .

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