Monday, 18 April 2011

Watching the sun rise

 Last night i didn't sleep that well, i was tired, but my mind had decided that it wasn't going back to sleep and i was having a fight with it. As i lay on the little bed, i watched the beautiful moon travel across the sky and  try to illuminate the walls, casting shadows every where as it  managed to get in the chinks of the curtain that were not shut properly. In the end i just opened  the curtains and flooded the room with the natural moon light . It was strangely comforting laying there with this natural wonder gazing at me from outside, like a guardian watching over its child......... and for no reason at all i felt tears trickle down my face.
Time could have stood still for me in those priceless moments of being at one with nature.......i can caste my mind back to the many times that i have watched the moon travel across the sky, including the first time i saw it set, and i know perhaps i am lucky to be in the position that i am able to watch such things. i hope i never lose the awe i feel and the prickle of energy that runs up my back.
Having realised that there was going to be no more sleep this night for me, i decided to go to the back of our property and watch the sun rise...........So sneaking carefully downstairs i clicked the light on in the lounge and the dog raised its head , eyeballing me with a single eye to perhaps see if i was ok, or maybe an early morning walk was on the cards.
i hadn't planned on taking her this morning until my middle son got up , however remembering her kindness to me the other day i decided not to watch the sun rise but instead take the dog with me and watch the light change as i moved along. ......i got her harness on and  opened the door to be greeted by early morning mist .....It hadn't looked this way when i was upstairs , but as i opened the door it was like there was a giant smoke bomb outside....damp and cold. To late though to not take the dog till later we set off ........and i was soon glad that i had.
There is very few things more relaxing than walking with her in the mornings , especially when she is on her best behavior and forgets to try and tug me along. Every so often she sticks her wet nose on my hand and gives me a lick. i feel blessed with the love and trust that dog hands out to me no matter what mood i am in.
As we rounded the last corner of the block that we ( the dog and i) walk along i was blessed to see a beautiful sight of the sun breaking through the mist like a giant powerful spot light .........A complete glowing circle accented by a path of oranges and pinks. slowly fading to the nothingness of the mist about it. Almost as if someone had dropped ink on damp blotting paper and the stain was gradually seeping out.
When i got indoors and was eating my breakfast  i allowed my mind to reflect on the two different sky images...both so totally different ,but both complimenting each other so beautifully. Each one a truly beautiful component on its own, but becoming extra wondrous when seen like i had this morning.Showing me in its own way how two different things can display and intensify each other.i guess i finally begin to realise why relationships of a strong and soft compliment each other so well.
hugs and light

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .


  1. Of all the blogs I read, saffy, your is one of my favourites. It's always interesting to me. Intelligent thoughts, good feelings and a very readable writing style all combine to making reading your contributions a real pleasure.

  2. I read the blogg today and by far one of your better ones ,not that any are bad but this one cries passion and belief not seen very often nowadays , and yet i know the moon is a big influence on you so know that what is spoken is from the heart ,enjoy the sun but more enjoy the moon..loves ya MK

  3. Malcolm
    Thankyou for the compliment , It is good to know that people enjoy reading my blogs.

    It was a good time, and brought back memories of O/our trip to the beach that summer solstice with the energy levels that were about.(though i didnt get a awful breakfast afterwards this time) i love You heaps and bunches


  4. Dear saffy,

    thank you for this beautiful post.

    Walking our dog, a husky! with Master (or alone) is one of my fondest memories, whether early morning or late at night.

    Unfortunately, this is no longer possible, as we now live in the city.

    But hopefully in the future...

    Love, cassie

  5. i really hope you get your wish soon Cassie , and in the mean time i will take you with Kiki and i by remembering your comment while we are out and about.
    hugs and light