Friday, 22 April 2011

 i am so excited. In the last two days i have been given some tools to create a truly beautiful place that my family can enjoy . What are these things ................a few packets of seeds....... a  mini green house , (which has the chance of growing into a larger one if i remember to care for the seeds) and a vision.
This vision has been growing  slowly since Master moved in with me some years ago, of transforming our garden into a place that was a reflection of my love of nature. It started slowly by buying in seedlings etc , and last year a few vegetable plants (which included a pea plant from which the dog snaffled most of the peas) and has grown to a desire to create a place where i can grow a few food plants from scratch ( and  fill them with my love) and have flowers that add colours and aromas that make the garden a pleasing place to be in.
In past years, the garden of course has been tended , but it was mainly a play place for the children as they grew up and now that this has happened , full of toys and climbing frames , and being a mum didn't leave me much time to create anything pleasing. In short it was basic.........So after the Holiday weekend, i am going to start to build the vision , and create (with help from my One) a place of tranquility that stimulates the senses .
Another thing that has happened since i last blogged was that Master and i have made Malcolm's chilli sauce with great success i have to say. The one thing that i would add was that this silly girl went and tried to eat a slice of the chili thinking that it wouldn't be that hot, despite Master telling me that it would. i have learnt the hard way .  It numbed the left side of my face and lips , even sending tingles to my hair roots ..... It was definitely allot hotter than the Tabasco sauce that we normally buy...and i look forward to using it in cooking.
Thanks Malcolm for  sharing a great recipe .
Hugs and light to all

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .

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