Friday, 19 November 2010

What a silly 24 hours i have had , ( and yes i am trying not to moan) .
The weather has taken to being damp and foggy, with a bit of cold slung in..........not good for my asthma or body, and i feel like Oscar from sesamee street incredibly grouchy and needing to find somewhere safe to crawl into. However having said this i still crave cuddles from my One and the security that these leave me with ( funny how no matter how old one gets we still like a cuddle when we are feeling low. )
Master seems to have stepped up His strictness but even that has left me feeling safer knowing that i only have to obey the few instructions/rules that He gives me and i will be kept safe by the lifestyle that we live in.  See although i may not like them at times i know that there is not a single thing he has ever asked of me that is not to benefit me and make my life better . 

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