Monday, 29 November 2010


Today i asked Master for a word, just to give the blog a little twist on what He might want me to write about. He came out at first with "supercalafragalisticexpalodosish" ,{which probably isnt spelt right} but was not the type of word that i thought i could write with, so i had to explain what i wanted it for, and he gave me the gem you see as the title * restraints*.
I guess that could mean many things as well to people, however to me it gave me an instant picture in my head of my cuffs and collar.........or a nice length of rope bound about the body. i love wearing my cuffs, i have a  thick leather pair that was made for me some time ago by a Mistress friend, along with several different play collars. These, when i am allowed to wear them give me an almost secure feeling ( like a child with a blanket, or a favourite toy) and i become very relaxed quickly on them being put on.
They can be used to fasten me down, but sometimes it is just the bliss of wearing them whilst doing a chore or indeed after a  reflection of an incident..........and they serve as a reminder of who and what i am.
This having said , they are not necessary to make me a submissive ,  for most of the time it is not practical to walk about the streets or the house with this tpye of thing on, ( though i do have a special necklace that to me is symbolic to my posistion to him.) He has the ability to command  to go or stay in one place, and for the most i will obey.........and not go else where without being told to move.  i dont like this that much as it is far harder to practice mental bondage with only words to keep one in the place ........but it is gratifying the same as being tied at the end of it.
See i gave Him the ability and my permission to bind me, whether it is mentally or physically when i became His, and i know He practises  Safe, sane and consensual with me, so i am secure.........knowing that sometimes he may push my buttons and take me out of my comfort zone but also remembering that He is my boss and it is His job to stretch me so things do not become predictable and stale. I love him for this plus the many 100's of other things that He does.


  1. straightens the blog out to say in future *I WILL OBEY YOU AT ALL TIMES * and sorry for the cheekiness
    i love You Master ...... thankyou for taking the time to read my blog xx

  2. He he ,well about time but maybe your pictures will have more relevance ,ie the pain piccy...