Monday, 22 November 2010

these boots were made for walking

Was met with the news the other day that Master has decided to give me a new rule .......This being that i am to go for a walk around the block, no matter what the weather every single day, starting from the December 1st and if the weather is bad i can leave the dog behind and go on my own. In other words no shirking that part of my exercise . The only let up is if it is snowing really bad out there or raining pretty hard. ( and i guess he is meaning extreme weather here not just your average bad weather.)
I think that the mutt and i are going to cover a fair bit of milage in the next few months and its not going to stop this time, i know this because there was no room for negotiation. He has been fair about it all and said i can start in December , however as the dog and i go out most days i think i will start it from now because i can see the benefits that it will give me. The upside of it all is that i get a new pair of boots for the winter to walk in ......The downside is no matter how i feel or how many excuses my brain comes up with in the bad weather i have to go out.
He is right also that if i lose a day of exercise it is twice as hard to go out the next day and with my joints i can not afford to let this happen as the paramount for them is to keep them mobile and supple. I also have to learn to keep my mobile charged and ready to go out with me (incase of falls or emergancies....not something that i am very good at right now) and i guess i can take my camera out again and start taking pictures of nature and its  ever changing scenes.
Looking at it written down like this i realise that i am the lucky one to have a Man in my life who cares and loves about me enough to place this back in my instructions ( when i first met Master it was a rule He gave me before He lived with me to walk to the train station and back as quick as possible every single day.... )but that lapsed when He moved in.
My rules to me equals my saftey and are like a giant comforter that keeps me secure , i count my blessings that i have a person  who is not afraid to emply them. He can at times be sadistic but i am a masochist so this is good as we balance each other

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