Sunday, 21 November 2010

To my One with love from my heart , mind , body and soul

A slight caress a genlte sigh,
Held close to You, safe and sound,
Stroking  firmer, a touch of pain,
My heart begins to bound.

Orders to follow, body relaxing ,
My soul starts to sing ,
An ember within starts to flicker,
In my ears, Your instructions ring,

Climbing higher, my body's on fire now,
You are the one leads,
writhing in passion, flying , burning,
Your control meets all my needs.

Furnace blazing ,You're always in control,
Like the Master i know You are ,
 Gently cradle me till i land saftely,
 and the heat starts to die from my fire.

Relaxed and spent in Your arms i'm safe,
My head craddled against your chest,
Thankyou Master for my journey,
You really are the BEST. 

Written for my One November 21st 2010
with much love for the gift You gave me
and continue to do.

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