Friday, 3 January 2014

Yesterday Master took me into the little town near us and brought me some  more art supplies,  This included  a proper calligraphy set, some card and the yellow folder, plus a rule made of hardened plastic. ( He couldn't find the wooden one that He wanted. ) i of course am happy because i have struggled with my hand writing ( my tic does not always allow for nice neat writing let alone neat writing in ink, and so i see lots of concentration and studying here as it is always something that i have wanted to do better, for my memory book and other things.
The dreaded yellow folder is quite innocently looking at me on the office window, empty at the moment.... but still taunting me, and it is still a love hate relationship , for i know i want it , i have earned it, but i also know that harder consequences will follow if i do not keep to it.
The bucket list for 2014 is safely on the wall and i have been trying to keep to it , i wonder though if i may regret the *learn not to fidget and be still *  point, but only time will tell. i also have a little feeling in the pit of my tummy that Master plans to make sure this year things are kept to and do not fall by the wayside. ( and secretly i am glad , i feel more secure knowing He has my back)
Now i am off to make sweet potato chunky chips and salmon for dinner.
have fun all
saffy x

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .


  1. I wish you luck in your 2014 adventures:) Not fidgeting...that's a tough one for sure! You can do it though.


  2. Thanks .. i wish i was so sure x