Saturday, 4 January 2014

A gentle reminder

 i thought that i was doing pretty well today, making Master His breakfast , boiled eggs...  dippy soldiers, and coffee, ( and getting the yolks just right) taking the dog out, fetching the bread etc..... but i had a little hiccup ...
We were sitting eating our eggs and He asked "why are you soaking wet" "its raining outside when i took the dog out, and i wanted to get You breakfast before my bath Master" should have been my reply , but instead it went.......... "i haven't had my bath". This was not the right answer to the question as i was told , option one being the better one...... but my brain was racing ahead trying to get things done before i relaxed in my bath.. 
Master replied that wasn't what he had asked and i got a rap on my arm ( not hard but enough to make me focus,  (bucket list  number 3 comes to mind... listen the first time things are said oops ) So then came the option one answer, and i got a lecture about not dripping everywhere and catching colds so i am not healthy for Him. 
Afterwards though He did put the heating on and run me a hot and very relaxing bath. i think that i should start thinking before i answer Him, because He has obviously upped the observation and communication stakes to make me mind and keep to that bucket list this year..........
( for now the yellow folder stays sitting on the window in the office .. i only hope i can master the bucket list before He throws the next set into the greater plan of things... it's a little like being a newbie again and being retrained , but i obviously needed this badly. ) 
Hugs to all 
have a good weekend

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .

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