Wednesday, 1 January 2014

out with a bang, and in with an even louder one

 Well Master certainly saw out the new year with a bang for me... He put my head in a clear frame to be flying with His dragon cane. Just before midnight, He ordered me to the bedroom and told me to lay in position over the bed.... then came some pretty hard raps with that cane ( and believe me i felt every one of them because it has not been used for so long.) He also drew a smiley face on my bum cheek with a marker pen, which i can not scrub off.
By this time i was like putty and would have melted for Him had He have asked, but He told me "downstairs to listen to the new year chimes" The fireworks on the television were spectacular, watching them explode, and apparently they were meant to smell of fruit also ( though obviously they didn't over the television. ) We had some quick new year messages from the family and i headed off to bed, only to be woken up in what seems a minute later by Master to finish what He started.
He certainly allowed me relieve from the ache that had been building up inside and i came for Him over and over again, unable to keep quiet or still... what a way to start the new year and end the old one................with a bang
Hope all is good with everyone

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .

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