Friday, 10 January 2014

 Master surprised me today by joining me for breakfast, ( it was a good surprise and one that was totally unexpected. ) i had not had the best nights sleep the night before , and i think that i woke Him up more than once, but it was nice to share my morning food with Him and get instructions for the morning.
After trying to sort part of the house out and getting the appointment of the Dr booked for Monday, i felt as though i was getting on top of things, but i feel also that i wanted to find something or do something to surprise Him , so i have been looking at the hotels for valentine night... then a thought struck me and i wondered, if i would be able to pull this off, as i was not meant to be spending money without asking Him ( though technically speaking i will not be spending money before He knows, as the rooms for the place to stay are paid after i have shown Him the stay, plus i should have enough saved from my allowance to pay for it by putting the money in the bank. )
To book a dirty weekend away or not ... this is the question. 
Have a good Friday all

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .

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  1. sounds like a fantastic idea! I would be so happy for a kinky weekend away:)