Thursday, 5 May 2011

eyes and bees

Some years ago when i first met Master He threatened to a catch wasp to sting me in a rather delicate part of my far that hasn't happened , however after today i am rather relieved and perhaps a bit more dubious than i was before.
Because my father has kept bees for so many years now i guess i have developed a laid back attitude towards them. With all the hives that he has ( and there are many ) i have managed to walk past them on many an occasion and not ever get stung.....stand underneath a bee swarm as they flew over head , feeling the pulsating energy as they gathered on a tree and not get stung, and even watch as he opened numerous hives and removed the supers and not get stung.
As from today though that has changed middle son was mowing the grass about the hives and came in just before lunch to say that he had a bee stuck in his head (yup he got stung) and could i remove it...(he wasn't that calm as he has a healthy phobia going on over them due to mowing through a wasps nest when he was younger, and because they fly and are a similar shape that bees are, bees to him are on the same scale of not liking  as wasps are ....)
Lunch came and went ....and i said that i would finish the grass off.. , however Master being the gentleman that He is said He would do it instead. Well off He went and i guess in the back of my mind i was listening to the mower as i was washing up and tidying down... and decided to go and watch Him ....
Mistake....i stood quite quietly , away . (i thought) from the three hives .....and watched Master cutting the lawns near the pond ...and was so engrossed that i failed to see that a bee had landed on me until it decided to commit suicide and stung me.  :-(  Now  i immediately reacted to this by swiping it off and got another couple tangled in my hair....and through the panic that was beginning to settle in, i heard  a bellow from Master telling me to get inside now............Never have my feet moved so fast ...stopping only to allow my father to remove the bees from my hair (that didn't sting me i have to add) and sneaking into the bathroom to inspect my face.  Five minutes later and i heard Master arrive indoors.... i burst into tears as shock set in and wanted to snuggle.
Bee hives can hold between 40,000 and 80,000 bees and once you have been stung it is natural for them to protect their hive the only way that have...Master thinks that it was probably the vibrations of the mower that set them off ... . Its not as if they are aggressive as i said, this is the first time i have ever been stung....and i feel sorry that i helped a bee die.The sting itself didn't hurt that much , it was more the shock of it all.
Thinking about it now i am at home, a slight thought springs to my mind , i really do think that Master has eyes in the back of His head because i thought that He didn't see me standing watching...He obviously did, and he was still looking out for me even though He was busy.
hugs and light to all

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .


  1. That my dear wil tell you to bee have in future wont it mwaaaaawwww .

  2. I tried to keep bees once but failed due to not liking the way they buzz around one. It may be understandable but that is not enough for me. I didn't get stung but thought I had better give up before I did, I easily get panicky.

  3. Master
    lol that has to be one of the most awful puns in the universe, but i will indeed have a more healthy approach to where i stand in future.

    Bees do so much good, and we would not have half the flowers and greenery we did without them. Besides i love honey so i am rather glad that there are people still out there that like to keep bees. Getting stung was a small thing on the grand scale of everything else...

  4. Dear saffy,

    sigh of relief, that was close!

    This reminds me of a similar occasion here in Greece, where i was doing the mowing next to some hives. A bee stung me and then i saw them getting restless and i ran like crazy back into the house, only to finish the job by lamplight when it was dark a few hours later.

    i always thought it was the noise but the mower's vibrations are probably a better explanation.

    But the hives are still there and so is the lawn...

    Love, cassie