Tuesday, 2 August 2011

its hot outside.......................

 Well today has been hot and noisy.... Hot because the sun has decided to be out and there is no clouds... and noisy cos the neighbours have a garden full of children, and she keeps swearing at them. Thankfully it would seem her lad does not live there most of the time now, and this seems to be a one weekly thing, but still i hate to hear language like this.
i am also probably on a low because i am missing Master badly, He is away for a few days, and as normal, as soon as He walked out of the door , my heart felt as if someone has bitten a big chunk out of it . All i can do is keep busy and focused on doing the things He would want me to do if He was here.
The toe that i thought was finally getting better has decided to be a pain (literally) and kept me awake on and off last night . Thankfully Master realised when He came to bed and brought me up painkillers.
i guess really i should not complain about things, as  there is nothing stopping trying to keep to the routine that i use the time that He is here........Its just i know the adjustment will be hard when He gets back , and i may possibly earn a few points .(how ever i am determined not to, and have already started to plan a little list of things to do while He is gone)
It brought home a question that was asked to me once, about whether a person could be a slave/submissive when their owner wasn't there. i know that i can , my submission is part of me , part of my d&a as so to speak, but i think when i am with Master it is amplified...........
hugs to A/all

the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .

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