Sunday, 14 August 2011

i was sitting here and thinking about things and what they mean to me and how lucky i am to have a Master in my life that spoils me the way mine does.
Today did not started so well for me having taken the dreaded tablets ............(8 more days to go) and feeling the now familiar waves of nausea sweep over me , i tried desperately to escape in a story on the kindle that Master got for my birthday. This little machine  is lighter that a small paper back , yet already holds numerous books.... mostly by classics at the moment, and has become a treasured bit of  hi-tech along with my ipod and PC. i was never much of a gadget girl before i met Master.....i spent ages trying to work out the ways to do things , and even turn on buttons on my PC, but fortunately the above electronic gizmo's are almost fool proof to use. Now i find that i can carry ample books about with me..
The sick feelings and the aches that come hand in hand with the tiredness of the meds are soon lost if i give my  brain something else to concentrate on ...well maybe lost is a tad optimistic , as they are still there , but somehow getting lost in a book makes it a bit more bearable....even if i do fall asleep half the time.
i feel sorry for Master and the rest of O/our family , i don't ask to be yucky and i really hope the next eight days fly by so i can be me again.
the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .

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