Wednesday, 29 June 2011

for my Master ......

 As Your birthday draws closer this year Master , i have to admit to feeling a little sad in the fact that i am not able to get to the stores and buy You all the things that i want to get You,
WHY?  because a broken toe limits my mobility more than i thought it would and even trying to prepare a task from the garden has become a mammoth task.
i desperately want to show You how special i think that You are and thank You for being there for me , and giving me guidance, and as i can not get You anything else and You already own me i hope that You will accept this poem from me with  love.

Who are You

A Man that is my lover
And cares for me like the most precious of jewels
Who satisfys me like no other
and chases away my blues

A Man who is my friend
Who makes me laugh, and i can trust
 Whose companionship i can depend
SomeOne who supports me without a fuss

A Man who is my Master
A Man , who always has my best interests in His mind
Who has the ability to make my heart beat faster
And is gentle passionate and kind

Who am i

A girl that loves You from deep with in
Who has given  her  body to You
Who loves it when you mark her skin
And guide her the way you do

A girl who loves You with her mind
And bends her will to match with Yours
Always looking forward never behind
 Learning  lessons that life teaches her with the help of You

A girl that loves You with all her heart
Treasuring each step of this dance of life she takes with You
 Recognising the spirals of O/our energy tangled, never apart
And pouring her love into everything You ask her to do

A girl that loves You with all her soul
Who is Your warrior, Your clown , Your slave
Who knows that pleasing You is her main goal
And wants to show this with every action she ever gave

i love You my Master with all i was , all i am , and all i ever will be .......happy birthday ...


the light of a candle is never lessened by lighting another .


  1. Loverly poem me deary ,was tastefully done and you do have a way with words lol ,i read it at 12 .13 am on me birthday ,he he thank ya xxx

  2. Wishing you a very happy birthday saffy's Master, full of love.